GER Joins You on the Unique Children’s Day
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To make sure its employees accompany their children to celebrate a beautiful, happy and meaningful Children’s Day, and help the children of Green Recycling employees understand the recycling industry and environmental protection knowledge, GER organized the parent-child open day activity themed on “spend the pleasant June 1 by joining GER to embrace happiness from May 29 to 30, the children of Green Recycling employees were invited to visit the park to experience the green production and living environment in the park.

This activity was divided into two parts: the park visit and parent-child interaction. The staff led the children to see the place where their parents work. The children followed the steps of the staff to listen to the explanation, with their eyes full of curiosity.

The children took the electronic wastes from home to the company for donation. With such actions, they better understood the environmental protection cause of their parents and the significance of electronic waste recycling.

Garbage sorting activity: The staff introduced the garbage sorting knowledge so that the kids learned about garbage sorting, knew how to classify the garbage, and improve their awareness of environmental protection;

Hula hoop relay, small foot stepping on big foot: It told the children that unity is strength. The families worked together to connect the power of love;

Drumming to pass flowers: It gave the stage to lucky kids, who showed their competencies and abilities;

After the game was over, all the families took a group photo to catch the moment in this different Children’s Day;

It is the dream of each and every employee and the expectation of the company to strive to create a harmonious and loving home environment and create harmonious atmosphere for everyone. The “June 1” parent-child open day not only built a bridge for the company to care for employees’ children, but also made the children of Green Recycling employees take root in the concept of environmental protection. On the Children’s day, it brought a different childhood memory and vivid and intuitive environmental education class to the children of Green Recycling.

GER is ready to continue to work hard for “blue sky, white clouds, clean water and green mountains” and for children’s bright future and green dream!

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