Open the door factory, Jiangxi Green Recycling Co.,Ltd. held in May environmental protection Public Open Day activities
Time of publication:2021-05-29 Number of visits:370

To enhance citizens' understanding of the concepts of green cycle development, a thorough understanding of electronic waste pollution and processing technology, stimulate the scientific and rational environmental passion, work together for better homes of vision, in the afternoon of May 29, sponsored by the micro love yi chun city public welfare development center, fengcheng sunshine volunteers association to undertake, under the guidance of yi chun city and feng city ecological environment bureau, Organized public open activities in jiangxi green recycling  co., LTD.

On the afternoon of the same day, more than 30 teachers and students from Changli School in Fengcheng City, as well as environmental volunteers, walked into the Green Cycle to find out the secret of "turning waste into treasure".

Activities, the staff focus on a visit to the GER "urban mining" exhibition hall, waste electronic products processing and utilization of production line, plastic granulation plant, which made us to a more intuitive understanding of e-waste recycling, and more solid understanding of the green circle "limited resources, unlimited recyciling" philosophy of industry.

Entering the city mine museum, students were shocked to see hundreds of television sets with different ages. At the mine museum, environmental volunteers also visited the collection of used circuit boards and other resources from the city's mines. The staff introduced that the circuit board contains a large number of rare metals, through the qualified enterprises to deal with these rare metals can be refined out for reuse. Garbage is a misplaced resource. Only by garbage classification and reasonable reuse of resources can we reduce the phenomenon of "garbage siege" in cities and even countries. After the visit, students were encouraged to actively think about how to protect the environment and live a low-carbon life through questions and answers with prizes.

Fig. 1  Visiting JJiangxi Green Recycling Co.,Ltd.  Exhibition Hall

Fig. 2  The scene of the seminar

Fig. 3  group photo

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