Founded in May 2010, Jiangxi Green Recycling Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “GER” or the “Company”) is a company specializing in the comprehensive utilization of electronic wastes and modification and regeneration of waste plastics, owned by GEM Group, a well-known recycling economy group (stock code: 002340). Based on its principle “Production, Life, Ecology, Wisdom”, GER has established six electronic waste cyclic utilization industrial parks in Fengcheng (Jiangxi), Wuhan (Hubei), Jingmen (Hubei), Lankao (Henan), Changzhi (Shanxi), and Erdos (Inner Mongolia) respectively.

So far, GER has shaped its industry chain of electronic wastes comprehensive utilization involving “disassembly of electronic wastes–refined sorting of waste hardware–recycling and modification of waste plastics–recycling of precious metals in waste PCBs”. The six industrial parks of GER have been included in the list of “Waste Electric and Electronic Products Disposal Foundation”, recognized by China’s Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, NDRC, and Ministry of Ecology and Environment. In 2021, it disassembled 8,520,000 sets of electronic wastes, making It the leading enterprise in China's e-waste treatment industry.As one of the 54 “Standard Enterprises of Waste Plastics Comprehensive Utilization” recognized by China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, GER is one of the green manufacturing system solution providers in 2020 for the ministry’ s product green design and manufacturing integration application.

On July 22, 2013,President Xi Jinping visited GERs Wuhan-based electronic wastes disassembly and treatment workshop, highly praising the electronic wastes recycling and processing technology. According to him,Turning rubbish into resources and transforming waste into wealth are not only science but also arts.

By solving the pollution-free treatment and recycling of electronic wastes based on technical innovations, GER has applied for 192 patents, including 51 patents for inventions. The main engineering test bases and main researchers of the National Engineering Research Center of WEEE Recyclingengage in their work based on GER. With the Key Technology of Electronic Wastes Green Recycling, GEM has obtained the second prize of National Award for Scientific Progress with the help from the main technicians and core technology of GER. In addition, it has established technical innovation platforms such as Jiangxi Engineering Technology Research Center, Jiangxi Enterprise Technology Center, Jiangxi Engineering Research Center, and post-doctoral innovation and practice bases. So far, it has carried out industry-university-research cooperation, in the recycling of electronic wastes, with domestic prestigious universities and institutes including Shanghai Jiaotong University, Sun Yat-Sen University, Beijing University of Technology, Central South University, and Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences, jointly developing multiple cutting-edge techniques of wastes recycling and significantly improving the recycling of resources.

As a national green factory, GER has introduced the concept of industrial tourism to various industrial parks and designed wind and solar power for production and life by adhering to its environmental protection concept of Ecology, Recycling, Culture. All of its facilities reflect its idea limited resources, unlimited recycling. So far, it has established an international green factory integrating low-carbon manufacturing, industrial tourism, and environmental protection education. It has initiated Chinas waste disposal model using processes, machines, harmless methods, resources, information, and educational instructions, striving to be a national urban resources recycling industrial base integrating advanced technical management and pollution-free environment, creating new model of recycling renewable resources, and making recycling economy a new culture and way of life.

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