Warmly Welcome Party & Government Delegation of Qingyunpu District, Nanchang to Visit GER
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In an effort to strengthen the recycling of wastes in collaboration with public institutions and improve the public awareness of green recycling and waste recycling, the Party and government delegation of Qingyunpu District visited Jiangxi Green Recycling Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as GER) for the training program on garbage sorting and for the activity of “green recycling company” on May 28, 2021. About 50 people from public institutions in Qingyunpu District participated in the activity.

Prior to the workshop, the participants visited the exhibition hall of “city mine”, the electronic waste treatment workshop, the research institute of polymer recycling, and the granulation workshop of recycled plastic particles to learn about the treatment process of green recycling and the successful cases of recycled plastic recycling.

After the visit, Li Kun, Director of Marketing Department of Electronic Waste Dismembering of GER, shared with the participants the efforts and basic knowledge of Green Recycling in the environmental protection industry, and made elaborate presentations on the standards and processes of waste classification and green recycling. After that, Xiong Ganbiao, Deputy Director of the Bureau of Logistics of Qingyun District, expressed thanks to GER for organizing this training program on green recycling, and called on colleagues from public institutions in Qingyunpu District to save energy, do a good job in waste sorting, and be a model of low-carbon life.

At the end of the event, the Party and government departments of Qingyunpu District and other public institutions reached an agreement with Jiangxi Green Recycling on signing a green recycling agreement.

Zhu Daolong, President of Jiangxi Green Recycling, and He Chaochao, Director of Major Customers Sustainable Development Services, made presence at the event.

Picture 1. Colleagues from public institutions in Qingyunpu District were visiting the exhibition hall of GER

Picture 2. Training program on garbage sorting

Picture 3. Participants in the event

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