Warmly Welcome Delegation to GER Lankao Industrial Park Headed by Party Secretary Lou Yangsheng of Henan Province
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On the morning ofJune 9, 2021 in the hot summer on the Yellow River bank, Party Secretary LouYangsheng of Henan Province headed a delegation to GER Lankao Industrial Park(Lankao Park) to learn about cycle economy there. Party Secretary Lou wasaccompanied by officials from CPC Henan Provincial Committee, Henan ProvincialGovernment, CPC Kaifeng Municipal Committee, Kaifeng Municipal Government, CPCLankao County Committee and Lankao County Government. The delegation was warmlyreceived by Mr. Luo Wei, General Manager of Lankao Park.

Party Secretary LouYangsheng and his colleagues visited the Urban Mine Museum of Lankao Park.Through the intelligent information monitoring platform, Mr. Luo Wei reportedin detail to Party Secretary Lou on the outstanding achievements of GEM and GERin the past decade of rapid development, as well as their development in thegreen low-carbon cycle industry in China. Mr. Luo Wei, on behalf of GEMChairman Professor Xu Kaihua, expressed his heartfelt thanks to CPC HenanProvincial Committee and Henan Provincial Government for their concern andsupport to GER. He focused on the major strategic plan of Lankao Park in the 14th Five-year Plan period. Party Secretary Lou Yangsheng and his colleagues thenvisited the disposal workshop of electronic wastes in Lankao Park.

During the visit,Party Secrertary Lou Yangsheng said that he once visited the Jingmen Park ofGEM in 2012,. To his surprise, in just nine years, under the green guidance ofGEM , GER has rapidly grown to become a leading enterprise in the environmentalprotection industry, making great contributions to the national low-carbonenvironmental protection and resource transformation strategy. Party SecretaryLou Yangsheng was deeply touched by the depletion of mineral resources. As aresult, he highly praised GER’s development philosophy of “mining urban minesto promote carbon peak and carbon neutralization”. He pointed out that thespirit of Jiao Yulu in Lankao is a monument. GER should establish a monument ofcycle economy based on the behavior of enterprises. It should bear in mind CPCGeneral Secretary Xi’s instruction of “turning rubbish into resources and transforming wasteinto wealth” while unswervingly developing cycle economy, doing a goodjob in garbage classification, and making greater contribution to thedevelopment of cycle economy in Lankao and the whole country.

Picture 1  PartySecretary Lou Yangsheng and his colleagues were visiting Urban Mine Museum inLankao Park

Picture 2  Party Secretary Lou Yangsheng and hiscolleagues were visiting the disposal workshop of electronic wastes in LankaoPark

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