Warmly Congratulations on Strategic Partnership between INEOS Styrolution and GER on ECO ABS
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Days ago, GER and INEOS Styrolution reached agreement that TERLURAN ECO GP-22 MR50&MR70 rABS jointly developed by the two parties has reached performance of general ABS and will be put into the market.

 On July 21, 2021, GER and INEOS Styrolution held the ECO ABS cooperation agreement signing ceremony in the International Conference Hall in GER Jiangxi Headquarters, which was attended by Alexandre Audouard, VP of INEOS Styrolution Asia Pacific, Yang Yuhong, Business Director ABS General Materials of Asia Pacific, Huang Xixiang, Sales Director of Asia Pacific, Qin Yufei, Chairman of GER, and Zhu Daolong, President of GER.

At the signing ceremony, Alexandre Audouard, the VP of INEOS Styrolution Asia Pacific, said that building partnership is like making new friends, and shared interests are the key to becoming partners. After the first in-depth discussion with GER, we learned that GERs industrial philosophy and corporate vision coincide with those of INEOS Styrolution, and we understand that GER will be the most loyal friend of INEOS Styrolution. The signing ceremony marks the starting point for both parties to work together and will lay a good foundation for the two parties to get into deeper cooperation in the field of waste plastics recycling.

GER Chairman Qin Yufei said that the strategic cooperation between the two parties helps him see the professional attitude and rapid response of the INEOS Styrolution. Mr. Alexandre Audouard facilitated in person the project and deeply realized that INEOS Styrolution has a high sense of social responsibility and a sense of mission for recycling. GER will also provide the best service for INEOS Styrolution with the best team and the most advanced equipment to ensure the best product quality. It is believed that the two parties will continue to deepen cooperation in the future to create a reproducible business model for the recycling of waste plastics in China.

After the signing ceremony was completed, the participants visited the City Mine Exhibition Hall, Polymer Recycling Research Institute, Electronic Waste Dismantling and Treatment Workshop and Regenerated Plastic Raw Materials and Modification Workshop.

INEOS is a multinational group with diverse business, whose annual sales reaches USD 61 billion. INEOS Styrolution is a leading styrene supplier of INEOS in the world, which has rich technical experience, first-class production facilities and strong R&D and innovation ability in the development of monomer styrene, polystyrene, ABS general materials and special styrene products. It provides series styrene product applications for many industries around the world.

The strategic cooperation between GER and INEOS Styrolution on ECO ABS is of great significance for eliminating plastic pollution, promoting the construction of resource recycling industry and waste material recycling system. It is an important step towards promoting the high-quality development of low-carbon recycling industry, and also a starting point for both parties to develop high-level technology and high-quality products in the recycled plastic industry.

We will work together to establish a new mode of resource recycling, and contribute to realizing the closed-loop recycling and treatment of waste plastics and to the innovation and sustainable development of the plastics industry in China while helping achieve carbon peak and carbon neutral.

Picture 1. Alexandre Audouard, VP of INEOS Styrolution Asia Pacific, was speaking

Picture 2. Qin Yufei,Chairman of GER, was speaking

Picture 3. Group photo at the signing ceremony

Picture 4. Participants taking a group photo in Cycle Economy Exhibition Hall

Picture 5. VP Alexandre Audouard and Chairman Qin Yufei

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