ChinaReplas2021 ended in a satisfactory way, GER won the "Golden Apple Award" for innovative applications of recycled materials
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On October 13, 2021, the 25th China Plastic Recycling and Recycling Conference (ChinaReplas2021) was held in Ningbo. Jiangxi Green Recycling Co., Ltd. participated in this exhibition and discussed the development prospects of plastic recycling under the "14th Five-Year" circular economy with colleagues and experts at the exhibition. It won the "Golden Apple Award" for innovative applications of recycled materi.

As the most mature, international, and professional plastic recycling industry professional exhibition in China, ChinaReplas2021 emphasized the collaborative development of the industrial chain and continuously expanded ideas on the exhibition concept of "transaction, exchange, and friendship". The exhibition built an efficient and accurate platform for exchanges and cooperation in the entire industrial chain of recycled plastics. There were a wealth of conferences and professional activities on site, gathering many exhibitors and enterprises to bring leading solutions for plastic recycling. It interacted and shared wonderful moments with online audiences at home and abroad in real Time.

Figure 1 The exhibition site (Source: WeChat public account of New Observation of Waste Plastics)

The 2020-2021 annual plastic recycling "Golden Apple Award" award ceremony was grandly announced at the opening ceremony of the exhibition. Known as the "Oscar Award" in the plastic recycling industry, the "Golden Apple Award" aimed to help those enterprises which had made efforts and changes in the country for industry progress, innovation, and environmental protection, and improved influence ofrecyclable plastic products, technologies, and people around the world. With its R&D team,GER had greatly improved the purity of refrigerator ABS plastic through process development and optimization.It developed high-end ABS-GER-M2 series products that met the requirements of EU RoHs, REACH, and other high standards,which could be applied to export children's toys and other high-end ABS-GER-M2 products. It successfully won the "Golden Apple Award" for the innovative application of recycled materials at this conference.

Figure 2 The awarding scene (the second from left was Lv Huaixing, Dean of JiangxiGER Polymer Materials Research Institute)

As a scientific and brand-new economic development model, the circular economy is of great value to achieving the goal of carbon neutrality, and the significance of the "Golden Apple Award" lies in this. As an influential award, it will continue to affect the whole people, change social cognition and consumer behavior, and make the relationship between plastics and humans more harmonious. As an award-winning company,GER will be more active in product technological innovation under the current situation of "controlling plastic pollution" and "dual carbon goals". It will contribute to the promotion of the collaborative innovation and development of the industrial chain and the realization of the "grand goal of a zero-waste plastic circular economy", thereby demonstrating the responsibility and responsibility of theGER.

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