To promote the standardized utilization of data centers, GER leads the formulation of group standards
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Recently, two group standards, T/CRRA 1303-2022 "Guidance of Comprehensive Utilization of Data Center Resources" and T/CRRA 1304-2022 "Comprehensive Utilization of Data Center Resources Management Specifications for Take-back and Treatment Enterprise ", led by Jiangxi Green Recycling Co.,Ltd.(GER), were officially released and formally implemented today.

Two Standards

With the relentless improvement of artificial intelligence, big data technology and social informatization, China's Internet data center, cloud computing and other Internet infrastructure have leaped forward, and the growth rate of China's data center market have taken the lead in the world. Meanwhile, the rapid growth comes with the retirement and scrapping of a large number of data centers. It is predicted that the scrapping volume of servers in China will reach more than 5 million by 2025. However, at present, there is no standard on the recycling and reuse of data centers in China, policy support is needed for industry supervision, as well as information and data security, and the disposal management of hazardous wastes such as scrapped circuit boards from data centers need to be strengthened.

Data Center

In order to promote that data centers develop in an intensive, recycling and green way with high efficiency and low carbon, and help China achieve the goal of carbon peak and carbon neutralization, GER, a leading enterprise of electronic waste in China, has pioneered in exploring the compliance recycling and treatment of data centers in the industry. The company carried out the whole process identification and control of scrapped servers by establishing a traceable informatization management platform and information security management system and passing the dual certification of ISO27001 Information Security Management System and ISO20000 Information Technology Service Management System. It has carried out the research and industrialization demonstration of remanufacturing of high-value data information products, and completely constructed a comprehensive utilization system of data center resources integrating the recycling, disassembly, remanufacturing of waste electronic appliances and deep processing of circuit boards. It has effectively solved the problems of standardized disposal and operation and maintenance management of retired data centers in the fields of communication, Internet, public institutions, energy, finance and so on, ensured the security of information and data, and improved the level of resource recycling.

GER Hard Disk Crushing System

GER Green Processing Line of Circuit Board

Remanufacturing Demonstration Line

GER Information Security Management System and Information Technology Service Management System Certification

The formulation of the above two standards has played a positive role in promoting the standardization development of the comprehensive utilization industry of data center resources by opening the standardization development of the industry, and further improving the evaluation mechanism of green data center construction in China.

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