Midea Partners with GER to Perform Home Appliance EPR
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On May 7, 2022, as an outstanding enterprise engaged in electronic waste recycling and dismantling, as well as a partner of Midea, Jiangxi Green Recycling Co., Ltd.(GER) was invited to attend "Quality Midea, Green Jingchu": Launch Ceremony of 2022 Midea Dual Trade-in Subsidy Policy in Wuhan.

A scene of the Launch Ceremony of 2022 Midea Dual Trade-in Subsidy Policy (source: Internet)

The dual trade-in subsidy policy was designed by Midea to meet customers' demand for repair or train-in after valuating old home appliances. Eliminated home appliances will be directly delivered via green channels to green dismantling enterprises holding national qualifications like GER for standardized disposal. By doing so, Midea will maximize the value of waste home appliances in a safe, efficient and eco-friendly way. According to Midea, through the implementation of the policy, the company will develop an "Internet + recycling" system, to deliver new home appliances to customers and pick up their old ones. Midea is expected to recycle 300,000 units of waste home appliances via own channels and 100,000 units via partners by 2022.

The strategic cooperation between GER and Midea has not only realized the recycling of home appliances, but also helped Midea better implement the home appliance extended producer responsibility (EPR) system and apply the ESG philosophy as a listed company.

Li Kun (1st R), Director of ESG Promotion and Strategic Marketing at GER, attends the launch ceremony (source: Internet)

GER has created an industry chain for the deep recycling of electronic waste combining the dismantling of electronic waste, the fine separation of waste metals, the recycling and modification of waste plastic, and the recycling of rare and precious metals on waste circuit boards. The cooperation between GER and Midea, a move to drive the flow of waste home appliances to formal channels via the dual subsidy policy, will not only reduce the cost of home appliance recycling, but also realize the maximum recycling and eco-friendly, harmless disposal of waste home appliances, promote the closed-loop recycling of materials, set an example for the green development of the industry, motivate China's key home appliance producers to seize the opportunity of EPR implementation and partner with standardized electronic waste recycling and dismantling enterprises to perform the target responsibility system for waste home appliance recycling, promote the standardized and green development of the industry, and boost the strategy of carbon peaking and neutrality .

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