Congratulations on Success of GER 2021 Shareholders' Meeting
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The GER 2021 Shareholders' Meeting was held at GER Jiangxi Park on June 30. Prof. Xu Kaihua, Chairman of GEM; Wang Xiaoxiang, Chairman of Fengcheng Development Investment Group Co., Ltd.; and Liu Shuwen, Chairman of Ganzhou Henglu Yawang attended the meeting as shareholder representatives. Also present were Chairman Qin Yufei, Director Ouyang Mingzhi and Independent Director Li Yingzhao of GER; Yu Keli, Supervisor of GER and Secretary General of the China National Resources Recycling Association; and Zhou You, Sponsor at Orient Securities.

Prior to the meeting, Qin showed the shareholder representatives, directors and supervisors around the processing shop of GER Jiangxi Park, introducing the park's recent development and changes in detail. At the meeting, the shareholders and shareholder representatives deliberated on several proposals of 2021. The management of GER briefed the shareholders on GER's operation, R&D and ESG work. Then Qin delivered a concluding speech, exchanging ideas with the shareholders on GER's countermeasures and development strategy amid the epidemic, and discussing key concerns such as the business plan and prospect for the second half of this year.

The attendees offered advice and suggestions on the future development of GER. Liu called for efforts to build an innovative product-based company and develop into a platform-based and eco-friendly company. Yu proposed that GER with better opportunities for future development should vigorously develop its innovation sector, leverage its technical edge to seize the market, and coordinate with relevant national departments to recycle new strategic electronic wastes like wind power equipment, PV panels and servers. Li noted that GER should step up recycling channel development, expand the product market, enhance the added value of products, be adept in interpreting and forecasting epidemic prevention policies, predict risks and duly avoid the risks caused by the epidemic in order to achieve sustainability amid uncertainties of external macro environment.

At last, Xu said GER had operated soundly overall and been independent in management and innovation since its spin-off, gradually shifting its business from dismantlement to deep recycling. He advised that GER should stick to the sector of electronic waste recycling, especially fully leverage its strengths under the goals of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, to keep exploring new development models of electronic waste business, expand the prime sector of circuit board and refine technologies of waste plastic recycling. The future will see this sector become wider and the industry grow bigger!

To assist in epidemic control, other shareholder representatives, directors and supervisors attended the meeting online synchronously.

A scene of the GER 2021 Shareholders' Meeting

The shareholder representatives visit the recycling economy showroom

Shareholder representative Prof. Xu Kaihua, Chairman of GEM, delivers a speech

Qin Yufei, Chairman of GER, delivers a speech

Zhu Daolong, General Manager of GER, reports GER's business work in 2021

Lu Huaixing, Vice General Manager of GER and Director of GER Research Institute, reports GER's innovation work in 2021

Li Kun, Director of ESG Promotion and Strategic Marketing at GER, reports GER's ESG work in 2021

Shareholder representative Liu Shuwen on the scene

Independent director Li Yingzhao on the scene

GER's supervisor Yu Keli on the scene

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