Discussing Fund Subsidy, Sharing Idea of Standard Setting——GER Attends 6th Forum on Home Appliance Plastic Recycling
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The 6th Forum on Home Appliance Plastic Recycling,knownas "a great gathering for the homeapplianceplastic recycling industry", was held in Huzhou, Zhejiang Province on July 13, 2022, with the participation of more than 150 representatives from industrial associations, research institutions and enterprises engaged in the dismantlement of home appliance plastics.

A scene of the 6th Forum on Home Appliance Plastic Recycling

Based on associations' resources advantage, the forum aims to standardize domestic channels of home appliance plastic recycling, improve the high-value utilization of waste plastics, explore innovative applications for modified plastics and green design for home appliances, and push forward industrial collaboration, thus creating a "friend circle" for the home appliance plasticrecyclingindustry.Lu Huaixing, Director ofGER's Engineering Research Institute of Polymer Materials Recycling, attended the forum along withLi Kun,Director of ESG Promotion and Plastic Strategy Marketing at GER.

On the morning of July 13, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary ofthelaunch of the fund subsidy for home appliance dismantlement, Li exchanged ideas with otherindustrialexperts and scholars on the close-loop recycling of China's electric appliance and electronic products, discussing the issues concerning the fund subsidy.

A scene of the dialogue on the 10th anniversary of the launch of the fund subsidy for home appliance dismantlement

Li Kun,Director of ESG Promotion and Plastic Strategy Marketing at GER, attends theforum

In the afternoon, Lu shared his idea of setting theStandards for the Grade-based Quality Evaluation and Acceptance of Dismantled Plastics of Electrical and Electronic Products. From the background ofstandardsetting, the main content and applicable scope ofthestandards, as well as theevaluationindexes and test methods of key dismantledplastics, he noted that China's amount of waste plastic recycling increasedsignificantlyin 2021, but the added value remains low and is yet to be enhanced.The standardswere set for thestandardizeddefinition and index evaluation of waste plastics in primary forms fromdifferentsources and fordifferentpurposes, to ensure that there are quality standards to follow during the transaction and circulation of waste plastics, improve the rate of high-valueutilizationof waste plastics, andstandardize"non-standardcommodities".

Lu Huaixing,Director ofGER's Engineering Research Institute of Polymer Materials Recycling, shares his idea ofstandardsetting

Discussing the fund subsidy, sharingtheidea of standard setting and the outcomes of industrial development, promoting the green development of the industry:

GER has six bases for electronic waste dismantlement and disposal, all of which have been included in the subsidy list of the "Fund for Disposal of Waste Electrical and Electronic Products" recognized by the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the National Development and Reform Commission, and the Ministry of Ecology and Environment. With years ofexperienceinprojectssubsidized bythenational fund forelectronicwaste dismantlement, GER has been involved in the setting of several industrial technical standards, and formed an industry chain fortheintegrated utilization ofelectronicwaste, including the dismantlement ofelectronicwaste, the fine sorting of waste metals, the regeneration and modification of waste plastics, as well astherecycling of rare and precious metals of waste printed circuit boards.

To recycle waste home appliances, and promote the low-carbon and circular development ofthehome appliance plastic dismantlement industry, GER will take on the mission for environmental enterprises in the era, deepen its operation inthehome appliance green recycling industry, develop innovative technologies for the green recycling of homeappliances, carry out upstream and downstreamcooperationwith other resourcesrecyclingenterprises in China via the exchange platform created by the China National Resources Recycling Association, promoteenvironmentalprotection and the efficient utilization of resources in China, and improvethedevelopment level of China's resources recycling industry, thereby contributing to the goals of carbon peaking andcarbonneutrality!

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