GER hold Earth Day themed events
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GER hold Earth Day themed events

April 22, 2021 is the 52nd Earth Day. In order to deeply implement Xi Jinping's ecological civilization thought, guide all employees of the company to establish the ecological civilization concept of "respecting nature, conforming to nature and protecting nature", and actively practice the green behavior of "saving resources, low carbon environmental protection and protecting the earth", Also spread to the whole society concept of green circular economy and green industry, green cycle to "cherish the earth harmonious coexistence between man and nature" as the theme "world earth day" activities actively, including into the park, went into the school, watch theme movie, called for the active action, and the social from all walks of life, cherish the earth environmental protection, low carbon life!

April 22, GER(jiangxi ) organize environmental Open Day activities, invited 30 new huanggang school teachers and students to visit the park, to the general situation of the industry they explain green cycle and green industry vision, teachers and students interested in cycle of green industry is very green, the green circle perfect e-waste dismantling process production line and plastic recycling process with admiration, It is a great and meaningful thing to turn waste resources into treasure. We gave the students a Rubik's Cube toy made from the ABS waste of the refrigerator as a souvenir, so that they could truly feel the charm of the gorgeous transformation of waste. At the end of the activity, we had a group photo.

GER(Henan) in the "world earth day" on the day of invited lankao cadre institute students came to the company, and golden childhood children to show their company profile, about environmental protection knowledge, let them fully understand the green circle is the earth's environment protectors, earth guardian, the earth's environment porters, green cycle is doing business is the burden to the earth, for earth dredge veins. At the same time, guide children to understand environmental protection knowledge and environmental protection cause, let them know how great environmental protection cause is, and call on all sectors of society to cherish the earth and live a low-carbon life!

GER(Inner Mongolia) into the dongsheng district park on April 20 blue sky kindergarten start ceremony "world earth day" theme activities, ceremony included into the campus of green environmental protection, garbage classification start small, and GER(Inner Mongolia)  signed the agreement on green recycling, the ceremony to the children about environment protection knowledge, advocate the children start from the life intravenous drip, do not waste water, electricity, treasure grain, Do not litter, and strive to be a little guard of environmental protection. Through this activity, the children understand that the ecological environment is closely related to our life, and also let the children understand the value of turning garbage into treasure and recycling of waste. Protecting the environment is what everyone should do. Inner Mongolia Park made a plaque of "Green Practice Unit" as a gift to Blue Sky Kindergarten, and gave an "Environmental Star" certificate to every child who donated e-waste. GER(Inner Mongolia)  thanks the hospital for its support to environmental protection!

On April 20, 2021 - April 22 each park in rest time, work time, canteen meal time, etc., play the ocean planet "the cove" and other classic documentary, guide the company all staff to set up "respect for nature, comply with the nature, protect nature" ecological civilization concept, actively practicing the "resource saving, low carbon environmental protection, protect the earth" green behavio.

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