Factory change park workshop change exhibition hall to help carbon peak carbon neutrality
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GER organized the "June 5" Environment Day Public Open Day

On June 5, 2021, when the 50th world environment day, to win "the blue sky, clear water, pure land" battle, comprehensively promote the ecological environment governance, spread to the world of green concept and green industry practice, enhance the environmental awareness, green cycle in order to "promote carbon peak, carbon neutral, harmonious coexistence between man and nature" as the theme, In six park of wanda group has carried out the door factory environmental Open Day activities, including into the park, walk into the community, entered the school, super 580 people involved with the series of activities to spread to the whole society green cycle concept of circular economy and green environmental protection industry and called for the active action, and the social from all walks of life who green water castle peak, make contributions to hand in hand to build beautiful China.

Come into GER -- let the public have zero distance from environmental protection

On the whole day of June 5th, Jiangxi Park, as the ecological environment education base of Jiangxi Province, invited nearly 100 people from Fengcheng city government, community representatives, enterprise representatives and students to the park to learn about the green treatment technology of electronic waste and the successful cases of waste plastic recycling. To the surprise of the visitors, Running electronic waste transformation process is done in beautiful tree-lined park, well-organized materials, orderly dismantling the scene, let visitors witnessed the whole process of waste, in addition to visit the workshop, and visitors in the activities of the popularization of garbage classification, carbon of the knowledge of environmental protection concept such as peak carbon neutral, interspersed with the interactive games they sort the garbage, Appeal to everyone to love environmental protection, everyone to do the basic knowledge of environmental protection.

Activity sign-in, affixed with signed leaves

Garbage sorting interactive game scene - guess what hair is garbage?

Environmental protection adventure game scene - guess the right garbage classification to take a step forward!

Students from Fengcheng Xincheng Primary School visit the exhibition hall

Students from Fengcheng Xincheng Primary School visited the workshop

Group photo after visit

In addition to the jiangxi park, green park, shanxi, Inner Mongolia area and henan park and wuhan, jingmen park park have also invited the local government units, community residents, and so on more than 580 students love the people into the community of environmental protection, carry out "carbon up to the peak, carbon neutral, harmonious coexistence between man and nature" as the theme of environmental protection public Open Day activities, Lead the public to the front line of environmental protection, build a bridge for the public to understand the recycling industry and environmental protection work, turn the workshop into an exhibition hall, the factory area into a park, let the public understand environmental protection, pay attention to green, support the cause of ecological environmental protection, consciously practice green lifestyle.

Shanxi Industrial Park and the local government to popularize and learn garbage classification knowledge

Henan Park invited residents and students to visit the electronic waste dismantling workshop

Inner Mongolia Park invited surrounding residents and student representatives to exchange electronic waste for potted plants

Environmental activists and student representatives were invited to visit Jingmen Park

Go out -- eliminate white pollution and help the blue sky and white clouds

GER opening the factory, not only to warmly invite the community to come in, but also to take bold steps to go out. Carry our green dream, spread our green industry, take the initiative to enter the public.

Disposable plastic lunch boxes, plastic bags, chopsticks, cups and so on have frequently entered People's Daily life. The appearance of these plastic packaging materials brings convenience to people's life, but also causes a lot of "white pollution", these plastic products which are difficult to degrade pose a great threat to the environment and ecological security.

Green Cycle, which takes on the green mission, and Fengcheng Ecological Environment Bureau distribute biodegradable plastic bags to residents in Fengcheng, publicize the knowledge of "white pollution", and call on everyone to use biodegradable products to reduce the accumulation of white garbage.

Sign in at the event site

At the event, the public was introduced to biodegradable bags

Activity photos

Mountains are all dyed, plain blue and green blend, urban and rural birds 'twitter and fragrance of flowers. Such natural beauty not only brings people the enjoyment of beauty, but also supports human beings to the future. Building an ecological civilization is crucial to the future of mankind. The Green Cycle will continue to fulfill its mission of green development and jointly build a community with a shared future for mankind. At the same time, we welcome all walks of life to join us in Green Cycle and work together to realize the green dream of blue sky, blue mountains and clear water.

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