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April 22 is the 53rd World Earth Day. It is the responsibility and mission of GER staff to cherish the earth, harmoniously co-exist between man and nature, recycle and regenerate resources, and help the earth embrace a green and better future.

In order to guide all employees to establish the ecological civilization concept of "respecting nature, complying with nature and protecting nature", and to actively practice the green behavior of "saving resources, low-carbon environmental protection and protecting the earth", GER has carried out various green and low-carbon activities to fulfill its original aspiration with action and fulfill its mission with hard work!

Environmental awareness is in my heart

Watch documentaries on environmental protection, carry out lectures and contests on environmental protection knowledge, sign pledges on environmental protection motto, hold small games on environmental protection... GER people's pace and enthusiasm to learn environmental protection knowledge will never stop.

GER of Jiangxi watches the documentary Plastic Addiction on a loop

GER of Jiangxi watches the documentary Plastic Addiction on a loop

GER of Jingmen environmental protection knowledge preaching site

GER of Wuhan  environmental protection pledge site

Low carbon action true to the original intention

As an environment-friendly enterprise, GER has been committed to protecting the environment and working hard to reduce plastic pollution. On the occasion of "Earth Day", GER parks organized various green travel and garbage collection activities, proving their determination to adhere to environmental protection with practical actions!

GER of Jiangxi protection of the mother river - Ganjiang, garbage picking activity site

GER of Hennan practice green low-carbon travel activity site

GER of Hennan protection of the mother river - the Yellow River, picking up garbage activity site

GER of Shangxi garbage collection after the group photo

"Recycling Road" for Waste Utilization

In daily work and life, GER people also practice the concept of saving resources and protecting the environment, keeping in mind the earnest instruction of General Secretary Xi Jinping that "garbage is a misplaced resource", insisting on garbage classification, reducing plastic pollution, and recycling e-waste has become the norm.

GER of Inner Mongolia  held a small electronic waste recycling activity site

GER of Shangxi home appliances recycling activity scene

Adhere to open factories, promote the concept of environmental protection

We have been and will continue to promote the integration of production, life and ecology in the park, invite people from all walks of life to visit the park, understand our industrial philosophy, witness our recycling cause and publicize our environmental protection concept.

Teachers and students from Lankao Xianfeng School attend the opening activity of GER Hennan

GER of Inner Mongolia  invited residents from nearby communities to visit the park and take photos after the event

The earth is our common home, protecting the earth home should not only in the "World Earth Day", but should be integrated into our daily life every day, let us work together to respect nature, conform to nature, protect nature, to protect the environment of the earth to contribute to a force!

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