E-waste recycling and high-value utilization industry chain
Realizing the factory-, environment- and resource-based recycling of E-waste, being the "national pillar" and "nuclear missile" in waste disposal industry in China
10+ million units

Annual recovery and disposal capacity of scrapped household appliances


Share occupied in China

50,000+ tons

Annual disposal of scrapped circuit boards

100000+ tons

Modified plastics, plastic profiles and plastic products


Share occupied in China

100000+ tons

Annual recycling amount of waste plastics

100000+ tons

Annual dismantling amount of waste hardware accessories


Green E-waste Dismantling of GER




Electrolytic Copper

Plastic Tray/Plastic...

Plastic Wood Profile...

Recycled Plastic Par...

World-leading green disposal technology for E-waste
The Company independently developed the intelligent identification technology, high-efficiency separation technology, and resource-based recycling technology of waste electrical appliances, and built a complete set of automated disposal lines for dismantling of waste electrical and electronic appliances to achieve the fine dismantling, so that the recovery rate of metallic and non-metallic materials is up to 99.0%.

In 2017, this technology won the first prize of Hubei Science and Technology Progress Award and the first prize of Science and Technology Award of China Recycling Economy Association.
In 2018, this technology won the second prize of the National Award for Science and Technology Progress.
Through the five innovations such as "Internet +" recycling, overall controlled crushing, intelligent identification and fine sorting, continuous low-temperature pyrolysis of circuit boards, and metal recycling, the Company makes the green recycling of electronic waste come true, and seizes the non-burnt non-cyaniding technology of scrapped circuit boards to built the largest world-leading disposal line in China, being known as the "nuclear missile" of electronic waste industry in China.

Recycling of waste plastics
Committed to the research of waste plastic recycling, refined sorting and high-value utilization technology, GER develops efficient and environmental cleaning, sorting, modification, granulation, product processing and molding equipment technology, and produces high-performance modified recycled plastics products, plastic wood, logistics tools and other eco-friendly recycled plastic products, to realize the high-value recycling of "electronic products—waste plastic—modified recycled plastic particles—recycled plastic products".
50-type Parallel and Co-rotating Twin-screw Modified Extrusion Granulation Tester
35-type Parallel and Co-rotating Twin-screw Modified Extrusion Granulation Tester
Blow molding and printing integrated tester

The Company owns 30 waste plastic recycling production lines, including multi-stage high-efficiency modified pelletizing units, automatic intelligent packaging system, material sorting system, color sorting system, and electrostatic sorting system to build a recycling and production line integrated with crushing, cleaning, sorting, modification and regeneration, with an annual production capacity of 100,000 tons.

Automatic packaging system

GER enhances its competitiveness in the industry with the assistance of informatization, networking and intelligent control of the whole process integrating purchasing, logistics, warehousing, production and sales, to become a first-class solution supplier of waste plastic recycling and intelligent manufacturing systems in China.

Waste plastic recycling and intelligent control platform
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